Thursday, July 28, 2011

Parker's Rainbow Unicorn Pegasus Birthday Party!

Parker requested a Rainbow Unicorn Pegasus birthday party this year. We had so much fun with the theme. P wanted everyone to have pegasus wings, unicorn horns and rainbow tails. Fin declared that the boys would *not* like pegasus wings, so we made them dragons instead. I used glitter covered felt and made everyone a pair of wings (black dragon wings or white pegasus wings) and a tail (rainbow yarn for the unipegs, black glitter felt for dragons).

I got most of the decorations at the 99cent store, where they have a whole wall of party stuff in plain colors. Except purple for some reason. Had to go to the party store for purple. Rainbow colored candy, rainbow jello (made by Nanny!) and of course, the fab Rainbow Unicorn Pegasus cake, made by my awesome friend Jayelle. We also had a rainbow veggie platter and rainbow fruit skewers.

The kids made and decorated their own horns and spent most of the party running around in a herd of dragons/unipegs. I also had Unicorn coloring/activity pages and bubbles for the kids to play with. And, finally I gave the kids who wanted one glitter tattoos (Parker had a meltdown because I wouldn't let her put a giant sparkly diamond on her forehead, but everything was made better when we discovered the gemstones I bought for her nails would stick to her head too)

The goody bags had a gumball necklace, keychain kailedescope, unicorn horn lollipop and a real crystal to make rainbows at home (my parents snagged me the crystals at an antique shop, they're so cool!)

Parker had soooo much fun at her party, and so did all her friends. We're so lucky to have so many awesome friends and family, thanks to you all for coming and helping us celebrate with our little Unicorn!


KatyKab00m said...

Can you give instructions on how to make the horns? I'm trying to make one for Halloween and a paper towel roll is not working out for me. Thanks! :)

mark lawrence said...

What a beautiful post! I simply loved the event space in these pictures. Amazing work has been done when it comes to decoration and food arrangement. It is so important to add colors to a kid’s birthday party. Well done!