Monday, June 22, 2009

A Week In Photos

*We had an Un-birthday party, but our party hats turned out more like Peter pan hats. PK fashioned a "sweater" out of the scraps (complete with pockets she made me cut).

*Of course the camel needed a hat as well.

*We played pin-the-tail on the the donkey.

*Early morning photo shoot

*Our little garden is coming along, slowly but surely.

*Our new favorite park, the Dinosaur Park in Laguna Hills

*An outdoor fort

*Picked up Daddy and dinner and headed to Disneyland.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Papa Bear

We're up in Oak Glen watching a kid take a ride in a gyro-thingamabob. Josh is holding Parker in his arms. He shifts her so he can look past her over at me.
"Where's Parker?" he says
me, confused, "What?"
"Where's PARKER?" slightly more persistent. He shifts her again so he can look behind him.
I start laughing uncontrollably "Are you serious?"
"WHAT? Where is she?!!" he's pissed at me, panic is in his eyes, he's flinging Parker back and forth as he frantically looks around. My mom and I can only laugh till tears are streaming down our face
"WHAT?!! WHAT?" now he's really mad.
All I can do is point to Parker, safe and sound in his arms.

"Oh my god."