Thursday, April 28, 2011


For Mother's Day next week Fin's kindergarten class is staging a fashion show. They're supposed to pick an outfit and then we're supposed to come up with a clever little description ("Here's little Johnny all ready for a day at the beach!"). At dinner we were trying to figure out what Griffin wanted to wear. "I just want to wear something, like old fashioned? Like a button up shirt?" "Like...a cowboy?" I asked. "No, no, like like what they wore when they invented cars? Here, I'll show you!" And he ran into his room and came back with a book. He opened it to a page about Henry Ford. "Like this. I just think it'll be cool, 'cause no one else dresses like that."


P.S. Anyone have a tiny bowler hat and duster?

P.P.S. Josh and I can NOT say "fashion" without belting out this song:

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Be Sure To Tip Your Waitress

Parker was playing with her modeling clay the other day and I snapped some pics. When I uploaded them I started making funny captions as I scrolled through. Parker was dying with laughter. Here's the entire scene that left her in stitches. Trust. I'm HUGE with the under five crowd. (and you miss a lot when you can't hear my impeccable duck accent and comedic timing)

And just because its awesome, here's P's hammerhead shark:

Monday, April 18, 2011


This morning our resident squirrel decided to eat his breakfast verrrrrryyyy sllllooowwlllyyy in the tree right in front of our window. Poor Carrots is about to bust through the window...

Tammy joined in a for a bit, but quickly got bored (further proof that she has no idea that she is, in fact, a dog):

Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me (and Aunt Jessi)

Better late than never! My birthday:

I woke up to bacon and mimosas and my new adorable bag (I love it so!!) Josh had already given me my other present, a necklace I really wanted three days ago because he can't stand the suspense. ;)

Then the whole family came over for pretty food and a Just Dance Tournament. I'm still full and my arms are totally sore

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


"But Mom! Parker fell asleep in your bed. I can't just sleep in a room by myself!"

Griffin is constantly surprising me with his vocab these days. At dinner Parker wanted to play the "rhyming game" which is us asking her "What rhymes with ....?" (she plays this game at school) When it was Griffin's turn to come up with a word, he said, "What rhymes with vexing?"

Parker found a piece of her artwork in the trash (whoops!) She came to me with it in her hand and said, "Mommy! Wook at what Dad threw away!" Curious, I asked, "Uh, why do you think Dad threw it away?" "Because he's like that."

At dinner last night Parker announced that she and Griffin were going to get married. We then explained that you can't marry your brother. Unable to really answer in detail exactly why they couldn't marry each other Josh and I finally settled on "its against the rules." This morning it came up again when Fin asked, "Well what happens if you marry your sister? You get a ticket?"