Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I've been putting this post off for quite awhile now. I guess I was kind of hoping I never would have to "make it official" but its been weeks. So its with a heavy heart that I tell you we lost Muta. About a week before we moved he went out in the afternoon and then we never saw him again. I got worried after about three hours, as he'd never been gone that long. And when he didn't come home all night I thought the worst. I dropped the kids off at school the next morning and walked around our neighborhood calling his name. I ran into a woman and I asked if she had seen a tabby cat and she asked, "Oh did you lose your cat?" and I surprised myself by promptly bursting into tears. We put up signs, checked the pound's "lost and found" page obsessively (and still do), but there's been no sign or word. Though we only had him for a little while that little cat made a big spot for himself in our hearts and family and we're all depressed about it. The kids have taken it in stride, sometimes being very matter of fact about it ("When are we getting a new cat Mama?) to saying out of nowhere, "I just really miss Moo-moo Mama." We've talked about getting a new cat, but we still need to get settled in the new house and a new routine and almost every conversation about getting a new cat ends with either Josh or I saying, "I just want Muta back." We miss you, boy.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Conversations-Parker Edition

Against my better judgement I let Parker watch a short silly kid song about poop. She just about died laughing. In the car later she says out of no where: "I just wuv dat poop song mama! I jus wuv it so much. It was in my heart!"

Fin: I know what chicken nuggets are made of
Josh: what?
Fin: chickens
Parker: dead chickens

Immdiately following Jessi and Chris' pregnancy announcment Parker declared that she too was going to have a baby. Since then she will randomly stick out her belly, rub it and declare "I'm so excited to have my baby mommy" and "I think it's going to be a guy or a girl." When Jessi asked her about her baby, Parker said "when I hab my baby I'm going to give it to you so your baby has a friend"

Me: "Parker, get back in your room and go to sleep, it's nap time"
Parker: holds up my alarm clock
"Mom, look, it's a waste of time. You're wasting the time."