Wednesday, May 26, 2010


*Approximately thirty seconds after she told me, "Dat yawn didn't mean I was tired Mama, I'm not tired because I yawned."

One of Parker's latest things has been to ask me what words start with *insert letter here* In the car today she started saying, "A starts with alligator, B starts with ball, C starts with cat..." (she gets the syntax mixed up, its not alligator starts with A, its A starts with alligator) Curious to see how far she could get I started quizzing her. Impressively we got all the way to Q before she slipped up. "What starts with Q?" I asked. "Ummm Q is for Cucumber!"

Parker called to talk to me while I was at work. As I said goodbye to her, she asked Fin if he wanted to talk to me. I heard him in the background say, "No, I'm busy doing my homework." slight pause, "well, I guess its okay if I take a little break."

Josh, Fin and I somehow started talking about what Fin wanted to do when he grows up. He has said in the past that he wants to work at Disneyland and make rides. This day however he decided that sounded like too much work. "Maybe I'll just stay at home at draw pictures of rides with my crayons and then send it to them and tell them to make the ride." We said that was a pretty good idea. Then he decided even that sounded like too much work. "Maybe I'll just work at Disneyland or the fair, but not on the rides, maybe at like the games. Because if you work on the rides you have to push all those buttons." My son. The Carny.