Monday, October 20, 2008

A Weekend Without Papa Bear

Included the following:
  • Mama burned her finger so badly she still has no feeling in it as she types this sentence
  • Fin fulfilled his life long dream to drive a battery powered vehicle (a task he took quite seriously) as Parker fulfilled her life long dream of being in a one woman parade as his passenger.  She worked that beauty pageant smile for all it was worth.
  • Mama spent her first night alone (all alone, not even a bean to be had) for what may be the first time in more than six years.
  • Mama was awoken at one in the morning to hear the sounds of partying in New York on her answering machine.  Twice.
  • Mama got miserably lost in HB, finally found the (wrong!) house, got pulled over when she answered the phone when the lost house finally called her, talked her way out of a ticket by admitting to being completely in the wrong, horribly lost, promising to never again answer her phone while driving, and by the fact that her last ticket was in high school ("well that was a really long time ago" says the cop.  "thank you??" I replied)
  • Mama, Fin and Parker got to shake hands with a monkey after he politely took our tickets and placed it in his pumpkin-festooned vest pocket.  What?  They don't have trained monkey's at your pumpkin patches?  I weep for you.
  • Daddy got stuck in Atlanta and almost arrested for voicing his...annoyance.
  • We met our newest addition to our extended family, baby boy Shaenen, who was delightfully tiny and mellow and sleepy.  
  • We celebrated Mama's Nana's birthday with a surprise birthday party at her house, where Parker promptly burst into tears whenever anyone looked at her. (see following post for partial explanation,  she was to nap en route)
  • Fin and Parker caught a cold and awoke Monday morning, sniveling and miserable.

I'm Outnumbered

"Fin, can you please leave Sissy alone, I want her to take a rest while we drive."
"But I don't want her to west.  Sissy? Do you want to take a west?"
"See Mama, Sissy doesn't want to take a west."
"Yes, I know, but she needs to rest!"
"Sissy?  Would you like to hold hands?"
They both smile and hold hands smugly.

I sigh and turn to Sarah, "Even if it is to spite me, is that the cutest darn thing you've ever seen?"

Monday, October 13, 2008

A Stay At Home Mom Rant

Seriously?  You're using a leaf blower right now?  A LEAF BLOWER?!  Right now when the wind is blowing so hard my windows are rattling, trees are falling down, and my screen door just came off the track?  Is that necessary?  Is your only goal in life to interrupt my kids naps?  Isn't enough you spend all morning on your riding lawn mower to mow our 10ftx10ft lawns?  The same mower that completely strips my lawn of any grass, not just clips it?  The lawn mower that terrifies my children, and backfires and gives me an aneurism?  And while we're talking, can I ask why it takes not one, not two, but THREE days to complete the lawn maintenance around here?  And why can't you use hand clippers to trim my tiny bush right in front of our windows?  What's that?  Oh, yeah, I know.  IT DOESN'T MAKE ANY NOISE.  What was I thinking...