Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bieber Fever

Last week when I went to pick up Parker from preschool she wrapped herself around me and pleadingly asked me, "Mommy, can I be a beaver for Halloween, pleeeeeeeaaaase?!" One of her teachers looked at me and said, "Oh she wants to be Justin Bieber for Halloween?" and then I heard all the kids at the lunch table start excitingly tell each other how I'm going to be Justin Bieber for Halloween, no I'M going to be Justin Bieber for Halloween, NO I'M GOING TO BE JUSTIN BIEBER. I had to explain to her teacher that Parker has no idea who Justin Bieber is and she thinks everyone is going to show up dressed like beavers for Halloween.

Fast forward to today. Parker and I are waiting for Fin to get out of school, when a little girl Parker's age walks up. Her hair is in two tight french braids and completely covered in glitter, she's got glitter on her face, on her shirt, everywhere. She's wearing a Justin Bieber t-shirt, ripped up jeans and patent leather boots. Parker runs up to her and says HI! and the girl immediately says, "I'm going to a Justin Bieber concert tonight!!" Parker counters, "Wook at dis! I found this giant acorn on our walk!" The girl repeats, "Yeah, but I'M GOING TO THE JUSTIN BIEBER CONCERT TONIGHT" then Parker says, "I hab a tail! Its attach-dey-did! Wanna spin with me?!" and shows off the black cat tail she's worn for three days straight safety pinned to her pants. The girl, realizing Parker is thoroughly unimpressed with her plans for the night sighs, rolls her eyes and walks away. Parker skips over to me and says, "Wanna see how fast I can twirl?" I scooped her up, gave her a giant hug and kiss and said, "I love you so much Squirrelly Whirl, don't you ever change. Now lets see how fast you can spin!"

And she spun and spun and spun.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mystery Neighbors

The mystery neighbors have appeared! We share a staircase with the condo next to us, and up till last night it's been empty. The former tenants here told us the neighbor plays baseball and travels most of the year and uses this condo for the holidays (apparently his family is from the area?). Here's the scoop so far:

1.) We heard people coming up and down the stairs late last night.
2.) Josh spotted a double stroller (kids? two?!)
3.) New Lincoln Navigator outside this morning being detailed by man (possible neighbor?)
4.) Overhear woman speaking inside the house to kid(s?)
5.) Small dog goes berserk inside the condo when I come up the stairs with Tammie.

If you're wondering why we're so worked up about this, you should know that a. we really loved all our old neighbors and b. we've yet to make any real connections with ANY of the people who live here (and have found NO kids) and are therefor pretty desperate for some friendly neighbors. Not that the people surrounding us aren't nice. Just not overly friendly. Basically I want someone to share cookies with and ask for an egg when we run out. Is that too much to ask?

Updates to follow...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Since starting this blog oh so very long ago, I've been frustrated by my lack of technical knowledge of all things website/blog/photography related. Because I know what I would like things to look like, but having never taken any sort of computer class or photography class, I've just had to wing it, scraping by with bits and pieces of knowledge I've gathered from the internet and friends and family. I know there are lots of tutorials out there, and if I had the time/money/initiative I know I could easily learn how to do almost everything I could ever want. But when you're squeezing computer time in between drop off and pick up and nap time and lunch time and craft time and life, it just goes to the bottom of the list. But playing around with the design of the blog and my pictures is a great stress reliever to me, and allows me to flex my creative muscle in some small way. I've read about photoshop "actions" on other blogs, but was never quite sure what they were talking about (remember NO training) so I finally asked The Husband last night and he showed me how to use them. I for see many a wasted hour. Its awesome. I've been converting my pictures on various iPhone apps, and those are still great, simple, easy ways to get a "look" for your pictures. But I love that I have so much more control with photoshop. I downloaded this action from night_fate. I still want/need to really learn how to play around with it more, but I'm loving this new "toy."






Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Both kids ran into our room the first time thunder shook our house, and Parker immediately went straight under our covers and yelped for me to get under with her. By morning she decided that the clouds were just talking to her. As she looked out the window she fluffed up her hair a bit and said, "I'm just fixing my hair so the cwouds will wike it."


Kids are watching tv when a commercial for a stairlift comes on. I overhear Parker say
"Griffin, should we get one of dos for mom and dad when dey get old?"


"Whoa Mom!! Dat bird was wike two minches away from my head!" -Parker


I sent Fin into his room to start cleaning, promising him I'd be in in a minute to help. Ten minutes later he comes out and sighs, "I really need your help in there Mom, things are not going well."


On the back of one of my magazines there is a life sized picture of Julia Roberts head. Fin had been dancing around and making Julia's head his head. Then he put it in front of my head, and says, "Look Dad, you want Mom to have a prettier face?" (thanks dude!)

Rainy Day Schedule

We're stuck in side today with some major thunder storms (thrilling!) so Parker and I decided we'd make some yarn pumpkins (like we did last year). When we made these the last time, I just bought the cheapest yarn I could find, but this year I've got a mantle. A mantle that is just begging to be decorated for every passing season. Right now its covered in rats and skulls and all sorts of creepiness, but I want to phase out the creepiness once Halloween is over and do something a bit more fall. So I got us some super thick, nubby yarn (bogo sale at JoAnns!) to make pumpkins and I have plans on making some more pumpkins out of old sweaters and fabric (like these). The pumpkins came out just how I hoped, lumpy and nubby and cozy. I think with my vintage books, a few acorns and maybe a bouquet of wheat we'll be good to go. Now what to do about Christmas...

Monday, October 11, 2010

Nature Box

The kids have a collection of rocks, sticks, feathers, shells and other various pieces of nature they've found on our walks (I never allow them to take anything except what I think might already be subject to removal by the army of landscapers that populate our area). This morning on our walk to school we found the holy grail of nature collections - an owl pellet. We've only found one before, a few years ago now, but the kids remember it like it was yesterday, and still talk about it. We promised Fin we wouldn't take the pellet apart till he got home. He declared he was going to start a mouse bone collection with this pellet. Searching for something to put the pellet in, I came across this box and containers my dad had given me and P and I decided to make it our nature box. We separated her rock collection by color, and came up with examples of all their collections. So she has a shell, her rocks, a crystal, the owl pellet, pine cones, a feather and seed pods. She had a blast figuring out what to put in each container and arranging her box just so.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Six Years Old

I'm a bit late with this birthday post. I wanted to get it right. And lately I've felt this sort of urgency to just stop and BE with you. So I've spent time this week and last building all your new toys with you. I've cleaned your room for you to make room for this expanding collection of tracks you've amassed. I've spent it decorating the house for Halloween with you. I've spent it reading chapter after chapter of The Witches. And because you're you, you've been so grateful, giving me hugs, telling me thank you. Your gratitude is so sweet and pure, I sometimes feel like you deserve more. For your birthday your Aunt Sarah took you to build a car. And when I talked to her about how you were, she could only say that you were just so good. So sweet and grateful. She said it brought tears to her eyes. People love to spoil you (including me) because of this.

But I haven't done all this just for more hugs (you'd give them to me anyways). I know in the future, you won't want me in your room to play. You won't care if I put spider webs up, skeletons in your bathroom (or will have to pretend you don't care). You won't fit in the curve of my arm and listen to me read in a very bad english accent. So I'm savoring it. Savoring the pure sweetness you ooze every day. Savoring the excitement you have over decorations, new toys, bounce houses. At six I feel like we're at the edge of something. About to go over that edge into the sevens, the eights and nines. Pre-pubescent. Something I feel like I know nothing about.

So I'm trying to hold on to who you are now. A boy obsessed with things that go. You build elaborate tracks for your trains and cars. Mini-worlds and rides. Your most ambitious to date started up on your dresser, went across the whole room, through a "time machine" winded around dinosaurs, under the bed and back through another time machine elevator up to the dresser again. Your ingenuity is astounding. Every time I think about giving away some of your toys, I have to stop and think about what you might need it for. The empty box becomes the time machine. The old barn becomes the elevator. You approach each situation and solve it yourself. Mini physics experiments laid out in hot wheels tracks. This creativity and problem solving makes me inordinately proud. I know that this one characteristic will take you far in life and allow you to succeed where other's may fall short.

You're still obsessed with all things science. Dinosaurs, fossils, sharks, space, anything and everything about this world you live in. The things you remember and understand continue to astound me and your dad. You don't just remember all the planets, you remember their characteristics. Beyond that you've latched onto this idea of meta-physics, building universes and worm-holes. You've sat rapt, listening to Steven Hawkings and Radiolab podcasts. You've surpassed most adults I know in your understanding of these very abstract concepts. We talked and read yesterday about earthquakes, about P-waves and S-waves, fault lines and plates. I love these moments with you, seeing the light bulb go off in your brain, when it "clicks" and you understand. More and more you're coming to these conclusions on your own.

I also love to hear you impart your knowledge to your sister. In the car the other day, she asked you if any animals eat rocks. And you immediately answered, "Alligators eat rocks, because they swallow their food whole. So they eat rocks too, to help them break down their food." You two are still as close as can be. You have inside jokes and silly songs that put the two of you in hysterics. We hear you two talking and laughing when you should be sleeping and we holler for you to go to sleep, but then we look at each other and smile, because its such a sweet thing to hear. You are so good with other kids, younger and older. When we showed up a tiny bit late for school today, the three mothers waiting outside exclaimed, "There's Griffin! All the boys were asking where you were!" You're sweet and mellow and funny and kids are drawn to that in you.

There's all these other things I want to say about you. How you still love music, rocking, rollicking music, the louder the better. How you can bust a move, do a James Brown spin, have great rhythm. How you care deeply about the clothes you wear, what you look like, how things feel. How you have to go to the salon to get your hair cut because no one else can do it right. How a bad hair day can ruin your morning. How you are pessimistic, fearing the worst outcome in every situation, and yet still maintain a bubbly happiness. How you manage to be a happy go-lucky pessimist is beyond me, and a trait unique to you and your dad. How you can be ecstatic and grateful over something nice someone did for you and then follow it with a "but what if..." How you believe your Papa can build anything and everything.

Everyday we feel so lucky to have such a sweet, smart funny little dude like you in our lives, and we look forward to all that is to come. Happy Birthday Boog-ity!