Monday, August 8, 2011


While driving in the car, Josh and Parker heard an emergency alert. Worried, Parker asked Josh if an earthquake was coming. It turned out to be an Amber alert for a little boy who was abducted by his father. Josh explained the situation to Parker.
"So he was a bad guy?" Parker asked
"Yeah" Josh looked back in the back seat and saw Parker was obviously upset. "Are you okay?"
"I just don't want anyone to take Baby Arlo, Daddy! I love him!"


Overheard from the next room:
Fin- "Jessi and Baby Arlo are coming over today."
Parker - "I know! I just love Baby Arlo!"
Fin- "Yeah, he's the funniest baby ever."
Parker - "And the cutest. Arlo is the cutest. baby. ever. riiiiiiiighht?"


In the car Parker keeps saying "Santa Marrrrga-RI-TA, Santa Marrrrga-RI-TA, Santa Marrrrga-RI-TA" rolling the 'R's
"Santa Marrrrga-RI-TA! Mama, I say 'Santa Marrrrga-RITA' fancy, riiiiiiight?"


Parker decided to wear one of her costumes to the grocery store. Its a pink satin cheerleading costume, but its so big on Parker it just looks like a dress. Around her belly though, there is a panel of pink mesh and you can kinda see her belly button. As I was loading everyone in the car Griffin refused to get in the car. "Mom. Parker can NOT wear that to the store. You can see her belly."
"What? Yeah, a little. But thats okay. Its just her belly."
"No, mom! She's a girl. She can NOT wear that to the store!"
"Griffin, its fine. She just wants to wear a costume, I'm okay with it. Its fine. I swear."
*exasperated sigh* "Ugh! I'm NOT okay with this!" and stomped into the car.