Thursday, February 25, 2010


Parker is playing with two ponies and a tiny triceratops when I overhear her say, in a gravelly voice, "I will destroy you if you eat my son!" then in a sing song voice, "OK!!"

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Here's a little video from the day in the snow we spent with my parents awhile back.

Snow Snack from The Family Wright on Vimeo.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Meet Kitty

Pretty Kitty

Kitty sneaking some peanut butter.

"Awww, he wikes me.  He's smiling at me Mama."

Kitty getting comfy

The kids have been begging for a cat for some time.  But adding one more living thing to our home just wasn't high on our priority list, and neither was paying the $100+ adoption fee for a kitty who may or may not get along with everyone (even though Josh and I both love cats and missed not having one).  Sometime ago we visited my parent's home and met this little cat (boy? girl? we still don't know).  It was the friendliest little thing, coming right up to the kids and me, purring and flopping on its back.  When I put Parker in the carseat, he/she jumped up into her lap.  I came home and told Josh about the cat, but the subject was kind of dropped.
Then we all went out to visit and Josh met Kitty and my parents told us about how the neighbor boy torments him, how he'd been abandoned after his old owners got new furniture and that every time they put food out for him, he gobbled it up.  He rarely left my parents front porch except when chased away by my parent's overly playful pup.  We almost took him home that night, but didn't have room in the car.  I tried to convince my sister to take him, but she got too worried about how her cat would react, so we finally stepped up.  We went to PetsMart and loaded up on kitty stuff and the kids waited all week for their kitty.  To say they were excited is putting it mildly.  Every morning they asked, all week long they made plans for the kitty, made him a bed, argued about whose cat it'd be.
Kitty's been here a whole day, and its like he's always lived here.  The kid's are still over the moon about it and have not left it alone for more than ten minutes.  He/She's turning out to be the perfect little kitty for our house, being totally mellow around Tammie and the kids and soaking up all the affection and love that's being poured on it.  Tammie is taking it pretty well (a lot better than she took to the dog we dog-sat) only lashing out last night when the kitty jumped in my lap on the couch.  She came from across the room snarling.  Josh stopped her and she calmed down enough to sit on the other end of the couch and pout.  I've tried to give Tammie extra love and think they'll be totally fine with each other very soon.

Heres the kids playing with Kitty last night.  Every move he makes is HIGH-larious!!

Playing with Kitty from The Family Wright on Vimeo.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Catching Rainbows

Parker and I are taking it easy this morning (we both have colds), catching rainbows and watching movies.  Parker calls the last picture her "rainbow mohawk."   

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I'm eating an avocado, and I ask Parker if she wants a bite. She tells me, "No, I don't wike dos"
"You know, Baby D.J. looooooves avocados! They're his favorite." I say.
Her eyes get real big and she kinda giggles,
"Baby Jesus wuvs avocados!?"
Fin interjects, totally serious, "Baby Jesus does NOT love avocados!"
I laugh and say, "You don't know, maybe Baby Jesus DID love avocados!"
He gives me a withering stare. "No. Mom. He didn't."

Josh is reading Parker the book she picked out at the library, a big scientific book on geckos. I look up to see her sniffling and saying, "I'm just sooooo saaaaaad!" with big crocodile tears rolling down her cheeks. Surprised, I ask Josh, "What happened?!" He leans over and whispers, "She can't lick her eyeball like a gecko." Parker overhears it and the sobbing starts anew.

Fin is playing with my iPhone. "Little kids don't have cell phones, I know that. But when I'm a big kid, when I can read, I'm going to get one. And I want an iPhone like Mommy's." (should be noted that he his currently learning how to read)

Parker comes downstairs with something wrapped up in a blanket. "Happy Birthday Mommy, cwose your eyes!" and puts the package in my hands. I unwrap it and find a purple beaded necklace. "Oh thank you Parker, what a beautiful necklace!" I say. "Noooo Mommy!" She says in a tone that says, don't be ridiculous! "Its a weal purple snake, and oh, look Mommy, he just wuvs you!!"