Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Universal Studios

Josh's aunt, uncle and cousin came down from Canada for a visit last week and we went with them to Universal Studios on Saturday.  The kids have never been, and Josh and I hadn't been since we were little little kids, so it was pretty new to all of us.  Griffin loved everything about it, but his favorite was the Jurassic Park ride.  He was so excited about the whole trip he actually lost his voice on the way home just from talking about it so much.  He's regaled everyone since then with a precise blow by blow of every single ride.  Parker was not so impressed, everything was too loud or too scary and she was tired all day.  There was a Curious George section with a giant room filled with air cannons and hoses and foam balls that she enjoyed.  When we got home and I went to give her her allergy medicine I found out Josh had given it to her that morning already.  She'd had her last pill just the night before, so she basically got a double dose which went a long way in explaining her fatigue at Universal Studios.  But she claims to have had a great time and can't wait to go back again.  

Jurrasic Park ride

Trevor, Griffin, Josh, Dylan, Nanny and Aunt Claudia

Nanny and Aunt Claudia getting sprayed by a dino

On the studio tram tour




War of the Worlds

St.Patrick's Day

The kids declared that St.Patrick's Day was their favorite holiday ever this year and were eagerly awaiting the leprechaun's arrival.  Fin decided to use his legos to make his trap this year.  But, alas, those tricky tricksters got away again.  And then they got into our party supplies and covered the kids room in streamers, wrote all over their mirrors and trapped them inside their room with a wall of balloons and streamers. I discovered that its just about near impossible to take a good picture of writing on a mirror, but you can get the general idea. ;)

Monday, March 5, 2012


Griffin: "If you use your money to buy Squinkies do you think you could buy me some too, and then we'd
              both have some?"
Parker: "Sure!"
Griffin: "Thanks Parker!  You're my best sister!"
Parker: "Aww, Mama, Griffin said I was his best sister.  Am I really your best sister Griffin?"
Griffin: "Yeah"
Parker: "Its because I'm so thankful for you Griffin."