Thursday, July 31, 2008

The ants go marching...

We have a major ant problem as of the last three days.  Its bad.  And since I've become the food crumb nazi, they are turning up in crazy places.  Like my dishwasher, in my cupcake sprinkles, in the closed dog food, even my closed box of cereal (that was a fun surprise early in the morning).  I discovered that my Method all purpose surface cleaner instantly kills them.  I mean instantly, there's no writhing around or anything.  Which made Josh and I wonder, why is there a need for something like Ant Killer Raid, which is perhaps the most foul, toxic smelling stuff there is.  My Method cleaner is "non-toxic, biodegradable, and naturally derived" and smells delicious and clean (I have cucumber).  So I didn't mind when Fin wanted to help me hunt ants today.  This is the conversation we had while he was spraying our recycling bin:
"We don't wike ants Mommy?"
"Well, we don't like ants in our house, they should be outside."
"Yeah.  Can ants bite you?"
"No, not these ones.  Red ants can bite you."
"But why don't we wike dem?  Are dey bad?"
"Well they're not bad, but they eat our food, and we need that food for us."
Parker walks up, "Whatcha doin' Pippin?"
"I'm killing the ants.  They hab to die." he squirts a few more and sing-songs in falsetto "die! die! die!"

Okay and before you think Fin is homicidal both kids are currently playing with the ants marveling at how fast they can run, and how they can climb up walls, letting one climb on their arms and laughing that they tickle.  

"Mom can we just keep these ones?  Can you get them food, they're just weally hungwy.  Dey are Mom.  Plllleeeaasse, can you??"

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Escher Dashiki said...

I am in love yet again. Have you seen the ballistic jaw propulsion of trap-jaw ants? watch and marvel: . so pretty.