Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Early Morning Games

Fin and Tammie came up with a new game this morning.  Parker had put a sock on her hand and was walking around talking about mittens, so of course Fin had to have a pair on too.  When he went to show Tammie she began to tug on them till she had pulled it off.  She would pull it off, run and put it under the table and run back to get the other one.  

When I tried to get a video of it this is what happened:

Parker saw the camera and immediately started posing.  I love her reaction when I tell her, "Not you Sissy!"  The kids and I must have watched this video twenty times already.  Cracks us up.

This is Fin and Tammie playing their game:

Look how gentle Tammie is.  She is the sweetest little thing...most of the time.

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