Sunday, November 2, 2008

This is Halloween! This is Halloween!

We're big on Halloween in the Wright house.  We started talking about costumes months ago.  Parker immediately declared she wanted to be Tinkerbell ("A pink one!") and Fin initially wanted to be an astronaut, but I was hesitant to take that at face value so far away from the actual date.  But as time went on, he kept coming back to it, so an astronaut he was.  My dad asked if was learning about astronauts, or where he came up with that idea, and I have no idea.  Fin said he didn't learn about astronauts in school, and its not something we've talked about, we've been more all about spiders and dinos.  Its funny where they come up with this stuff.  It was probably something little like he saw a show where the kid dressed up as an astronaut.    We went homemade this year, and I think they turned out pretty awesome.  Fin's entire costume cost me $6 and Parkers was under $20, but more importantly, everything can be reused as regular clothes, and dress up.  Aunt Jessi made Parker's awesome tutu, and we painted her wings.  Fin's helmet was made out of a plastic pretzel jar, and he decorated it himself.  I made his "patches" out of foam stickers.  They looked so cute.  
We started our Halloween festivities with a pumpkin carving party at Gammie and Papa's house, where we made Fin a spider pumpkin and Parker a Mickey Mouse pumpkin.  Every time Parker would look at her pumpkin, she'd hug herself tight and say, "Oh, I wuuuvv it!  I wuuuvv it!"  Unfortunately those pumpkins only lasted till Tuesday, till they all burst into hairy mold and collapsed.  I didn't see  a lot of pumpkins out this year, so I'm thinking this was a common phenomena.    On Thursday we went with our friend Christy (or "Sristy" as Fin would say) to the Circle in Orange, where they were having a "Trick or Treat" The kids walked around a bit and got some candy, played some carnival games and danced with a "boneman" in the pseudo dance club they made for the kids out of two easy-ups.  They had a blast.  And finally on Halloween night my grandparents and parents came over for pizza and lasagna before we all headed out to trick or treat.  I was nervous because Parker has been going through an "anxious" phase, where she doesn't want strangers to talk to her, look at her, acknowledge her existence.  While my grandparents aren't strangers, Parker still immediately burst into tears when they arrived and demanded to go to bed.  But two hours later she was dragging Grandpa by the hand, commanding him, " 'Ome on! ome on!  I wanna go see Halloween!" as she walked over to our neighbors house.  The house is covered top to bottom with Halloween decorations, and Parker has designated it simply as "Halloween."  While trick or treating Fin was all business, running ahead to the next house as Parker chatted with the neighbors about how cute their dogs were, or explaining that she was Tinkerbell, or exclaiming "I'm having fun!"  Fin's helmet got too hot after a while, so he'd take it off in between houses, ring a door bell, then frantically yell, "Give me the helmet, give me the helmet!!"  They lasted about an hour, and half way through we had to hold the bags ("ugh! too heaby!" Parker'd say as she handed it off to Josh)  We'll have enough candy to last us till next Halloween and I'm already having to answer "When can we go trick or treating again Mama?"

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Escher Dashiki said...

she looks just like josh in the sitting down one! hahahah. i love them soooooooooooo.