Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sweetie Pie SugarBunch

Sweet is a word used a lot when people talk about Fin.  He's a "sweetie pie" a "sweetheart" he has the "sweetest voice" and the "sweetest eyes."  People just can't help but turn into gooey doe-eyed puddles of goodness when they are around him.  Not to say that he is just an angel sent from heaven who only says and does amazingly sweet things.  But there is something special about him, that touches even the most jaded of adults.  

Last week when I picked him up from school, he had a sticker on his shirt.  Everytime I pick him up he has a sticker.  And every time I ask him why he got a sticker, I get the same response I get when I ask him what he did at school.  "I don't remember."  This is a boy who remembers exactly what he wore one year ago to his Christmas pageant, a boy who remembers exactly who went with us to pick out a tree two years ago, and a boy who recognizes the hospital he was born in, though we've driven by it maybe twice.  But he "can't" for the life of him remember what letter he learned about or what book he read that day.  *grrr*  So I've kind of given up on the sticker thing.  I figure he got it because he washes his hands or something.  So as I'm signing him out, his teacher comes over and says, "I have to tell you why Griffin got a sticker today, it was so sweet."  Apparently they had more kids than usual stay for nap time, and were short a few mats to sleep on.  So some kids got mats, and some had blankets.  Well of course all the kids wanted the mats.  Griffin got a mat, but saw that his friend Blake did not get a mat and was upset.  He turned to Blake, handed him his mat, and said, 

"Here, you can hab my mat Bwake."  

His teacher continued and said, "Its stuff like that that really makes my job great, its so nice to hear a kid who doesn't always just say MINE!"  I got all teary and ruffled his hair, and said, "yeah, he's a sweet boy."

Two days later we're at his Christmas pageant and Griffin stands next to Blake on stage.  The entire time, Blake is teary and looks just miserable.  Afterwards, we were watching the video at home, and I said, "Hey Fin, what was going on with Blake?  He looks upset."  

"Yeah, I don't know.  Maybe he's just annoying."

Ahhh my sweetie pie.

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