Monday, June 14, 2010

Conversations-Parker Edition

Against my better judgement I let Parker watch a short silly kid song about poop. She just about died laughing. In the car later she says out of no where: "I just wuv dat poop song mama! I jus wuv it so much. It was in my heart!"

Fin: I know what chicken nuggets are made of
Josh: what?
Fin: chickens
Parker: dead chickens

Immdiately following Jessi and Chris' pregnancy announcment Parker declared that she too was going to have a baby. Since then she will randomly stick out her belly, rub it and declare "I'm so excited to have my baby mommy" and "I think it's going to be a guy or a girl." When Jessi asked her about her baby, Parker said "when I hab my baby I'm going to give it to you so your baby has a friend"

Me: "Parker, get back in your room and go to sleep, it's nap time"
Parker: holds up my alarm clock
"Mom, look, it's a waste of time. You're wasting the time."

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