Monday, August 9, 2010

Best Friends

When I was talking with my friend about what kind of cat we were looking for I told her that we didn't care if it was a "kitten" but we did want a young cat, because we were hoping that he would be THE cat our kids grow up with. Josh and I both had cats in our childhoods that we loved dearly (Josh even has a tattoo commemorating his Quasimodo). We wanted a cat who wouldn't be scared of the noise and chaos that comes with young kids, who wouldn't freak out if they got in his face or tried to pick him up. And Carrots has been everything we hoped for. Its rare to find a cat so utterly enamored with kids. He's sleeping on Fin's chest just like the picture above as I type this, exhausted from playing with Fin and his feather toy. This morning I went to "rescue" him from Parker, as she had spent the whole morning picking him up and transporting him from room to room. I swear she didn't put him down for a good ten minutes straight. I went to grab him and set him free, but was surprised when I picked him up to find him purring. He was perfectly happy being toted around like a baby. The other day I ran into their room, panicked because they were screaming for me at the top of their lungs. I sighed to find out they only wanted me to see Carrots had learned how to climb up the ladder of the bunk bed to join them up top. Fin is constantly barking at me to "GET THE CAMERA AND COME SEE WHAT CARROTS IS DOING!!" He's just mischievous enough to keep the kids, and us, thoroughly entertained without driving me totally nuts by destroying things. I think we'll keep him ;)

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