Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Sooo, I'm a terrible mother and don't know what year my children were born, so I told P that she was born in the year of the boar.  Later I was roundly mocked when we realized my mistake.  She's from the year of the dog, just like me.  Oops!

What we came to see!  Metropolis II.  This was the first weekend it was open, so there was a line to get into to see it.  But we only waited about ten minutes.  Its so large there is a viewing balcony up above.

Its built from erector sets, building blocks, legos, lincoln logs, 1000 hot wheels, several trains and trams.  Its whirling, whizzing madness when it all turns on and it was awesome.  Kids could have stayed in this room all day, especially Fin.

Griffin's already plotting how to build this in the middle of his room.

Griffin pretending to "pop" Jeff Koons balloon animal

Sitting on a bench contemplating this artist, Griffin said to me, "So sometimes artists just make random things and call it art, right?"  I can't really argue with that.

We finally made it to LACMA, I've been dying to go ever since I found out about their NexGen program.  We love taking the kids to museums, but with four of us, admission adds up quick.  NexGen is a program that offers free membership to any kid under 18 (even baby Arlo got one) and grants them free admission to the museum TILL THEY TURN EIGHTEEN.  Yes, you read that right.  For the next 11-13 years the kids get into LACMA for free.  The other awesome part?  Every time they go, they each get one adult in for free as well.  So, as long as we have the rugrats along, Josh and I get in free as well.  Its a pretty sweet deal.  The kids were so excited to get their own little passes and lanyards.  If you have kids you have to sign them up, and if you don't, well rustle up a few.  ;)

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