Thursday, May 3, 2012

Griffin's International Fashion Show

Griffin's class held an International Fashion Show this week.  Each child was asked to wear an outfit or costume that represented their heritage.  Griffin decided to rep his German heritage with some lederhosen (made with love by Aunt Jessi, she's the best!).  They were also asked to bring in one dish for an international potluck.  The whole thing was really adorable, and it was really cool to see all the diversity.  I think we had every populated contienent repped (except maybe Australia).  

Representatives from Germany, Japan, Egypt and France

Griffin and his best friend Audrey

The awesome potluck!  Samosas, baklva, conchas, croissants, Iranian saffron rice (omgtodiefor!) and so much more! So so much good food and what does Griffin eat? Grapes, a donut hole, lemon cake and then the broccoli from his lunch *sigh*.  We brought in Apple Streusel.

Griffin's International Fashion Show from The Family Wright on Vimeo.

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