Sunday, April 13, 2008

Happy Biiiirrrtthday deawww Maaaaammmmaaaa!!!

My twenty-sixth year on this planet is off to a rolling start, celebrations beginning a little early on Wednesday night with Sprinkles cupcakes and a card that yodels from the gals at the Piggy, and ending today with a day trip to the arboretum for an italian sandwich picnic and chasing peacocks.  In between there were great surprises, a gift in the mail from my self-proclaimed faaaaaavorite Aunt (kisses to you!), flowers and a Jonathan Adler bull figurine which sits oh so nicely on my brand new desk from my faaaaaavorite husband, and an offer to babysit the kids Saturday night from my faaaaaaaavorite in-laws (it was so nice to eat an entire meal without once uttering the phrases "please don't," "inside voices" and "please sit down. sit down. sit down!")  I can't wait to wear my new shirt, excuse me, tunic, and necklace from my lil' lil' sis. And my new vase from that other birthday girl (kisses to you too!) could not be more perfect right next to my little bull.  Mom and Dad tried to trick me into thinking they were buying me a watch that was the exact opposite of what I wanted, but I was having none of that (daddy didn't raise no fool!) and until the real thing comes in, I think my birthday is still officially ON.    Thanks to everyone who helped me celebrate and who sent their love.  Kisses to all!

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