Monday, May 5, 2008

Trike-A-Thon 2008

Fin had his school's fundraising "trike-a-thon" last week, and it was a huge success.  No word yet on how much money was raised, but the kids all had a blast.  Josh and I were both able to attend and help out.  We counted laps for all the kids and cheered them on.  It was hysterical to see how differently each kid reacted to the task at hand.  Some where intensely motivated to make as many laps as possible, cutting across the middle should the other kids get in their way.  One of the boys I was counting laps for took all the turns on two wheels, another would not even crack a smile when he got to us, just looked at me for his lap count, gave a little nod, and kept going.  Others, like Griffin, were just fine making laps, but were more interested in what was going on with us spectators, and the balloon decorations, and hey, is that a drinking fountain...  Fin probably would have made a few more laps if he didn't veer off course whenever he got near the spectators because he was so busy trying to let every single person there know that he had a Diego tricycle at home, just like this one, 'cept it has Diego, hey Mrs.Bradley, I hab a Diego bicycle at home...  By coincidence we ran into one of Fin's preschool friends the next day and his mom asked me, "Oh, did you help out at the trike-a-thon?"  "Yeah, my husband and I both did."  "Yeah, Paul has not stopped talking about Griffin and Griffin's Mommy.  I didn't go, because he never rides the bikes, so I thought, Oh, well, he's not going to ride, so I won't bother.  Then I see that slip of paper that said he did 13 laps, and I said Paul!  I didn't know you were going to ride, I'm sorry I wasn't there sweetie.  To which he replied, It's okay Mommy, I didn't need you. Griffin's mommy was there to cheer me on."   Oh how easily we are replaced!
Thanks so much to everyone who donated, it really does go to a great school, and a great program!  

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