Monday, August 25, 2008

Conversations with the beans

Last weekend I had to work Fri, Sat and Sun. As soon as I got home on Sunday night, I went directly to the couch with the intention of not moving till bedtime. Josh had to leave as soon as I got home, but it was almost bed time for the kids, so I put some cartoons on and rested my feet. Fin sits down next to me, pats my head and says,
"How was work Mama?"
"It was a long day, Mama is really tired."
Fin nods his head sagely, "You should just west on da couch Mama."
Parker scowls at me, "Mama! You go bed!" and jabs her finger towards upstairs.

We have a cuckoo clock in the kitchen, but the "cuckoo" part of the clock is merely decorative. Fin was looking at it the other day and says,
"Mama we should get a coo-coo cwock that makes music, and da people just move around and dance and stuff."
"Yeah, that'd be cool. Like Gammie's?"
"Yeah. That'd be so tool." and then he starts singing "So tool! So tool!" in the same exact notes the bird in the clock would sing "Coo-coo! Coo-coo!"

Parker has never been a huge fan of clothes. If she could be naked 100% of the time, she'd be the happiest little person in the world. Recently when I do let her go naked as soon as she's "free" she'll strike a pose (arms wide, legs bent like a sumo wrestler) and half growl, half yell
"I'mmmmmmm nnnnnnnnnakkkeeeed!!!!"
It reminds me of the Saturday Night Live Molly Shannon sketch where she plays the fifty year old woman who is always saying "I'mmmm fifty!!"

This morning Parker dumped a full cup of juice on the carpet, so I took her cup away. She was obviously upset, and proceeded to have a tantrum, which landed her upstairs in her room in a time out. While I was cleaning up the mess, Fin looks at me and shakes his head, "Why is Parker so schwif-i-cult (difficult) Mama? Yeah? Why is she?"

Fin has never eaten the skin off an apple, even when I slice it he eats it like you would eat an orange slice. Yesterday Parker was eating a whole apple (uncut) and he decided he wanted one. As he's eating it he informs me "Dis part of the apple helps your gums Mama." pointing to the skin
"It does help your gums. Who told you that?" I was curious, since I know I didn't tell him that
"Nobody did. I just know dat."

On the way to school yesterday Fin says
"Maybe we don't have chapel today."
"Umm, I think you do, its Thursday."
"No! I don't think we do!" he says forcefully
"Okay, I guess we'll see. Don't you want to go to chapel?"
he sighs, "No. It just makes me so tired."

At the Spectrum last night Parker kept clasping her hands behind her back (like you would to stretch your arms) and running around saying,
"I'm a butter-fwy! I'm a butter-fwy!"
And when she wasn't doing that she was trying to convince Jessie that there were a) monkeys hiding in the "twees" ("siwwy monkeys. Funny!") or b) there were "scawey spiduh"s in every corner.

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