Monday, August 18, 2008

When its too hot to play outside...

Mom has to get creative.  So when I saw the plans for this newspaper hut, I was super excited.  Every kid loves a tent/fort/hut and we've made many a fort using the sheets and furniture.  But they always end up falling apart, or falling on top of them, and take up the entire room.  This seemed a little more permanent, and at the very least more contained.  It would also let them help me make it.  They helped me roll all the poles and tape them, and then they lined up all the triangles for me to staple together.  Its when I started stapling that I thought, mmm this is not as easy as I planned.  It was difficult to staple two poles together, let alone three, and then five (at the top).  I thought, this is impossible, something must be wrong.  I went back to the computer, and realized I had make the poles twice as thick, and half the length they were supposed to be.  Oops.  It came together anyways.  Once I get some more staples, I'm gonna try it again.
Fin had me put a sheet over it (and given the choice between a pink sheet and a tan one, he of course, chose the pink).  I added the boa for flourish.  

They had their morning snack of grapes, strawberries and yogurt covered raisins inside, and were adorably polite to each other.  "Here Sisssy, hab a straw-bewry, its yummy!"  "Dank you Pippin!"  "Here Pippin, a bewwy!"  "Sank you Sissy!"

Some more creativity:

Last week Parker decided to give herself a pedicure, and after getting my approval both kids went to town coloring all over themselves and each other.

Then Fin decided he would like to be a tiger, so I drew some whiskers and he and Parker ran around the house roaring.  Poor Tammie ran for her life.

Next up, I'm thinking macaroni noodles and yarn.  
Start making room in your jewelry boxes now!

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