Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Conversation From the Future

Overheard tonight:

"Parker, I'm going to New Yowk City. Dats where my job is."

Parker continues to bang on her drum, doesn't say anything.

"Oh. You make music for your job? I make money."



Escher Dashiki said...

om my goodness!

why all this talk of New York from them? are you coming here or what?????

The Family Wright (Huckleberry, Kniep) said...

He's been obsessed with it for years. I think he first told me when he was two that his job was in New York City. I'm not even sure why or how he knew about it then. Whenever we see a map or a globe he wants to know two things: one, where are we, and two, where is New York City. That shirt you got him says I heart N V now, because he's worn it so much half the Y is gone.

And I love that it is always New York City. Never New York. :)