Thursday, July 30, 2009

Our Week in Review

* "Time for nap kiddos, let's go!"
"But Mooomm, we didn't do our yoga yet!"

*We practiced our counting and math with our ever useful "fuzzies" (see, oh mother and sister-in-law, they are useful!) :)

*Froze some toys in a block of ice and let the beans have at it with a spray bottle and a hammer. Parker was NOT about to let me freeze her toys (but after she saw what fun Fin had, she wanted in. We got some princess' on ice right now)

*We had some balloons left over from PK's party, so I decided to try paper mache with the kiddos. They were surprisingly very serious about it and needed little help from me.

*Luckily this is only flour and water

*Our balloons drying in the sun. We painted them and added little buckets underneath and the kids have been giving their small toys hot air balloon rides all afternoon.

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