Wednesday, July 1, 2009

*Pictures Parker took of herself while I was in the shower

Parker has a toy cellphone that "rings" thirty seconds after you close it. She's been putting it down, and running away as fast as she can. When it rings thirty seconds later, she runs back into the room,
"Someone's calling me!!"
electronic voice on her phone"Wanna come out and play?"
Parker - "Yeah! Wet's do it. Wet's go to the park! Yeah, that'd be fun!"
electronic voice on her phone "I love you so much."
Parker - "Awww dat's sweet. Dat's nice of you."
Hangs up the phone, puts it down, bolts to the next room to repeat this scene. After the tenth time or so, she comes in to hand me the phone. She sighs, "My friends just keep calling me!"

We were going to meet a friend at Disneyland who recently found out she was pregnant. I was explaining to Fin that she couldn't go on some of the rides because of the baby. Thus ensued a day long interrogation.
Fin -"Can Sristy's baby go on the Matterhorn?"
Me - "No, that one is too fast and bumpy for the baby"
Parker - "The baby say, 'Hi Snow Monster! What's up dude?' "
Ten minutes later:
Fin - "Can Sristy's baby go on Pirates?"
Me - "Yeah, she can go on that"
Fin - "But MOM there are WATERFALLS!! The baby can't go on WATERFALLS!"
Me - "I'm sure it will be okay, those are small waterfalls."
Fin - "I don't know about that."

A few days later, out of the blue, Fin says to me, "Maybe Sristy just shouldn't go to Disneyland. You know, because of that baby."

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