Wednesday, August 19, 2009


At Disneyland a worker dressed in "casual princess wear" (think Cinderella pre-Godmother) approaches Parker and curtsied, and said "Hello Princess! Would you like some princess sparkles in your hair?" and of course she did. They sprinkled glitter in her hair, and from there on out Parker demanded to be addressed as Princess and proceeded to walk around on tip toes for almost an hour, ("See Mama, I hab mine Princess swippers on"). She was trying to talk to my mom, but Gammie wasn't listening. Parker stops dead in her tracks and yells,
"Oh! Sorry Princess! What is it?" my mom answered
"I would wike to go on Winnie da Pooh now." she replied, nose in the hair, chin out.
This from a girl who has not seen a single movie with a princess in it, no joke.

Auntie Jessie and I decided we needed coffee before we headed to Daddy's softball game, so we stopped at the gas station. I told the kids they could pick out a piece of candy if they wanted. Two aisles of candy, and Fin decides he wants a bag of candy corn that looks older than the gas station. I say,
"Are you sure you want that one Boogs?"
"Yeah. I just don't want to wait till Halloween!"
As we get in line, a woman walks in the door and gets in line in front of us. Shocked, Fin turns to me
"WHAT is the lady doing?! She JUST walked in here!"
"She's paying for her gas."
"Oh. I just didn't see anything in her hands."

We're at the park yesterday and Fin was trying to climb a small tree (unsuccessfully). While he's busy trying to scale the tree, Parker in not only hugging the tree, but patting it lovingly, whispering, "I wuv you tree...mmm...I just wuv you!" and giving it kisses.

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..katie.. said...

your kids make my day! lol they are quite hilarious and such little adults too it's funny!