Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cousin Day!

My cousin Jason brought over his little kiddo, Gavin, yesterday and the kids has a blast together. They played with every single toy the kids own, and Griffin had to show him his Disneyland videos (didn't think one office chair could hold three kids!). Fin would put a video of Thunder Mountain or Splash Mountain and Gavin would say, "I been on dat." and Griffin would immediately say, "No you haven't! Has he?! How could he? He's not tall enough!" Fin was outraged every single time Gavin made the claim, and Gavin made the claim for every single ride. It was too funny. Then Parker had to share her favorite computer game, Photo Booth and she and Gavin took pics while I held the chair in place.

Don't Parker and Gavin look related? :)

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Jessizie said...

lol they could be twins!