Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Great Flood

So, uh, its been raining a little bit.  Tuesday is when it really started.  Tuesday is when I got a message that there was a tornado warning in effect for our area.  It was really windy and pouring buckets and buckets of rain.  I went upstairs to look out the window and thats when I laid my eyes upon my parking spot.  Which was completely under water.  I gasped out loud when I saw the water lapping up onto the sidewalk about a foot from our first step.  I ran outside to see my neighbors all doing the same thing.  A neighbor from up the way grabbed a shovel and waded out to the drain (which was about ten feet from my car and completely clogged).  My next door neighbor waded in as well.  In the meantime the water had gone up and over the bottom of my car, and was my car was so deep in the water that I couldn't get to it, let alone open any of the doors.  Luckily we had no where to go and the kids thought the whole thing was great fun.  My poor neighbors stayed there until all the water drained and then we all swept and raked up all the trash and leaves and dirt.  Its happened about four times since then, yesterday when it started pouring again I literally ran outside and jumped in my car to move it to the street (the water was already about an inch from my door, I had to jump from the sidewalk into my car.)  I've always liked my neighbors, and we've always felt like a little community in here, but these last couple of days have really shown how great they all are.  Josh and a neighbor from behind us were out there the other night at 10:45 when another neighbor came out with a flash light to help.  The first neighbor who jumped in the water lives a couple condos up from us, his house and car were not affected at all by the flooding, he just wanted to help.  We keep saying that everyone else in the complex owes them all a real nice gift, since all the rain water from their homes is coming to our one clog-prone drain.

Here's some video I took the first time it flooded.  Sorry its a little shaky and random, but it gives you a good sense of the extent of the flooding!

The Flood from The Family Wright on Vimeo.

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Christy said...

Ugh! I can't wait for the rain to end!