Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I'm eating an avocado, and I ask Parker if she wants a bite. She tells me, "No, I don't wike dos"
"You know, Baby D.J. looooooves avocados! They're his favorite." I say.
Her eyes get real big and she kinda giggles,
"Baby Jesus wuvs avocados!?"
Fin interjects, totally serious, "Baby Jesus does NOT love avocados!"
I laugh and say, "You don't know, maybe Baby Jesus DID love avocados!"
He gives me a withering stare. "No. Mom. He didn't."

Josh is reading Parker the book she picked out at the library, a big scientific book on geckos. I look up to see her sniffling and saying, "I'm just sooooo saaaaaad!" with big crocodile tears rolling down her cheeks. Surprised, I ask Josh, "What happened?!" He leans over and whispers, "She can't lick her eyeball like a gecko." Parker overhears it and the sobbing starts anew.

Fin is playing with my iPhone. "Little kids don't have cell phones, I know that. But when I'm a big kid, when I can read, I'm going to get one. And I want an iPhone like Mommy's." (should be noted that he his currently learning how to read)

Parker comes downstairs with something wrapped up in a blanket. "Happy Birthday Mommy, cwose your eyes!" and puts the package in my hands. I unwrap it and find a purple beaded necklace. "Oh thank you Parker, what a beautiful necklace!" I say. "Noooo Mommy!" She says in a tone that says, don't be ridiculous! "Its a weal purple snake, and oh, look Mommy, he just wuvs you!!"

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