Monday, July 12, 2010

Kid's Room - Part I

One of the things that really sold us on our new house was the kid's room. Its huge. The condo is listed as a dual master, so their room is as big (maybe even bigger) than ours. And we'd rather have them share one big fabulous room than cram them into two separate tiny rooms, which is how most of the houses around us are made. We wanted a room for them to play in, sleep in, read in, do everything in. In that spirit of space saving we decided to get a bunk bed. I've been talking up the bunk bed since way before we ever moved. Parker requested curtains, Fin requested that it be painted a color. So using Fin's favorite "Matterhorn" fabric as a starting point we settled on a bright cherry red. The red looks so cheerful and lovely on their dark wood floors. I finished Parker's curtains today and think they turned out great! She hasn't seen them yet, but I think she's going to love them. She better! Hanging curtain rods on the inside of a bottom bunk is NOT easy, let me tell you. Especially since I can't even sit straight up on her bed. I have a definite kink in my neck. :) I was able to go through and organize their books yesterday, and hang Fin's shelf for his Matterhorn collection. I'll post more pics of the rest of the room soon!

*The fabric on the body pillow was our inspiration

*I still need to sew a pillow for the window seat

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Ashley said...

You are so amazing!! :) We've lived in our house for almost 2 years. The kids' rooms are still unfinished. I love their room! You should decorate for a living!