Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Why I'll Never Homeschool (and why I pray for patient teachers in Parker's future)

Parker begged for this workbook at Costco and she's loved "doing" the worksheets inside. Its a Kindergarten book, so most of it is a little above her skill level, but she loves it and very seriously tells me as she sits down, "I just hab a wot a work to do today Mama." Tonight she was doing this worksheet. She did one pretty good nice straight line (this is a handwriting sheet, you're supposed to trace the dotted line) but then informed me, "Mama, I just want to draw the sound dey make." and then made the wavy lines you see whilst making the appropriate animal noises. And I was too impressed by her creativity (and not that serious about her "work") to correct her. But I couldn't help but shake my head for what lies ahead for the poor unsuspecting teachers in her future...

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