Thursday, November 4, 2010

Nature's Cheerleader

*a different bug from a different day

Its incredibly hot today, so on our walk home from dropping off Fin, Parker and I took a little break in the shade. While I answered a text message from Josh, Parker dug around in the dirt a little and discovered a tiny worm. "Awww, Mommy wook, isn't he so sweet? Its a bahhh-bee worm!" She then set about building the baby worm a house out of mud and sticks. The whole time she was working she was cooing to the worm, "You're such a good widdle worm, isn't he a good widdle worm Mommy?" She built him a home with three fireplaces, complete with chimneys and plumbing for his sinks. She only stopped talking to the worm to inform the bee's buzzing around her that she was "just building a widdle house for dis worm, fanks for making the flowers grow widdle bee, you're so cute and fuzzy, isn't he cute and fuzzy Mommy, isn't he doing a great job helping the flowers grow?"

Even nature needs some positive reinforcement.