Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Fin's kindergarten class has a stuffed animal called KinderBunny. And every kid gets the chance to bring KinderBunny home and take him on adventures and then document what KinderBunny did with you. We had KinderBunny over the Thanksgiving break, but because we traveled around a bit, I was too scared to bring him with us anywhere for fear of losing him. Come Monday we had no pictures of KinderBunny and he had been on no other adventures other than being fought over by a four and six year old. So yesterday I told Fin, lets take pictures of you and KinderBunny doing all the things you love to do at home. So we took pictures of Fin and KinderBunny dancing, making funny faces, watching YouTube videos of roller coasters, eating edamame and white rice and having dessert at Yogurtland. These were all Fin's ideas. Flipping through KinderBunny's folder we saw that the other families had done pretty similar stuff, and had printed the pictures out with some text explaining what they did. Some got fancy and put some stickers on the pages. But we're a family thats completely incapable of just doing what everyone else did.

Behold: Griffin and KinderBunny's Excellent Adventure

It should be noted that Fin doesn't get "graded" on this, its just supposed to be a fun little family project. And all the picture ideas and some of the wording were his idea. So the fact that Josh and I took some creative license and amped up the layout and wording is okay (right? right?). ;) And both kids think its high-larious and were reading it to each other all morning. As a project that was meant to be a family thing, I think we succeeded.

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Christy said...

Success! You guys just won "Coolest Family of the Year Award." I want to go on a final funtier. ;)