Friday, April 6, 2012


Parker's porcupine costume (her own design)

Griffin asked Josh what grave robbers were.  After explaining it, Parker informed Josh that she thinks "only people who were really cute kids get to be buried with treasure."  Josh asked her if she thought that she and Griffin would be buried with treasure.  She would, she answered, but Griffin wouldn't.  "Because he doesn't give me enough kisses."


"Mommy, I told the spider in the corner to make a web and catch all the ants and he said he would.  Isn't that nice of him?  And then he helped me make the Netflix work.  He's such a nice spider." -she said, dead serious.  You have to admit, that is a very helpful Daddy Longlegs.


Parker has been having nightmares lately.  I got her a dreamcatcher and explained that it was supposed to catch her bad dreams.  This morning I asked her if she had any bad dreams and she said no.  She grabbed the dreamcatcher and was looking at it as she said, "Should we see my dreams?"  "You can see your dreams in the dreamcatcher?"  I asked.  She dropped it suddenly and turned and wagged her finger at me, "No, we shouldn't.  I don't want them in my head."

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Christy said...

I love this little girl. She is such a dreamer. :)