Thursday, January 31, 2008

10 things I loved about Sarah's 21st Birthday

1. That she had it at a German pub in Anaheim.

2. That it just happened to be Karaoke night.

3. That besides my family the only other people in there were the help, and two tables of hardcore German pub Karaoke bluehairs.

4. That the first thing they did was call out Sarah and DEMAND that she sing. DEMAND. Weren't even nice about it.

5. That five minutes after we sat at our table one of the bluehairs asked Fin if he liked to draw, and then handed him some crayons and three little drawings she drew for him of the funniest "monsters."

6. That the same lady then drew Sarah singing karaoke and blowing out candles, and proceeded to sing "Black Velvet" in the thickest German accent you've ever heard.

7. This:
*Old man steps up to the mic, slurring from either too much beer or possibly a stroke
"This one's for Ssssarah. Where is she?! SARAH! SSSSSSSSSSarrrrrrraaahhh?? Well (shrugs) she must be in the crapper"

8. That she was.

9. This:
*Fin is going to the bathroom chatting away with me. He hears a man singing a country song.
"Mom, what's this song?"
"I don't know Fin, can you hurry please?"
"Sounds like Johnny Cash, Mom"
Lady in stall next to us exclaims
me, *sigh* "He knows everything."

10. That it was.

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