Monday, January 14, 2008

A lazy weekend includes...

sleeping in (til eight!) a trip to the library (books on monster trucks, happy bees, lucretia borzia), a yogurt smoothie induced meltdown at target (parker made it out okay, the dress did not), naps, a drive down the canyon ("look fin, that place is called jeeps r us," without missing a beat the reply, "mama, we need to go to binkys r us and get a new binky cause tammy ate mine lellow one"), exploring the tidepools ("i love the tidepools mama, it burrys mine feet"), cheap frozen pizza and chinese food, shaking our booties to electronica, new blue nail polish (its the new black, which was the new red), dying mama's hair ("you're hair looks kinda weird mom" says the child who should be in bed) a nice big glass of wine and snuggling with my favorite man

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