Wednesday, January 16, 2008


He's done it!  He's kicked the habit!  Fin is officially two night times, and one nap time sober.  And this time its for real, because as they say he had to want to change, and this time it was his choice.  While we were able to curtail its use (we were down to nap and night time only) our previous attempts were disastrous.  All it took was finding out that a daycare friend had given up her binkys in return for a "upstairs kitchen."  Fin immediately wanted to know if he could do the same, and I jumped all over that idea. He changed his mind about the kitchen once he found out it wouldn't be a real kitchen ("how are we gonna fit a whole kitchen upstairs, Mama?  That's crazy!") but was excited about picking something else.  So one monster truck and marble maze later, we are binky free (well for Fin anyway).  He hasn't asked for one, and even yelled "No Dad! I don't need a binky!" when he overheard Josh ask for one for Parker.  I nearly fell off the stairs.  This is a boy who not only demanded his binkys, but ran a five point inspection every night to make sure it was up to snuff.  He's also the boy who is so resistant to change we've taken to calling him OCD.  
So here's to Gracie and her new kitchen, and here's to letting go, and moving on.  One marble maze at a time.

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