Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Day in the Life

On our walks we've discovered a nest, which is too high for me to see in, but low enough for me to lift Fin and Parker to see in.  Fin informs me that there is one white egg in it, and from what little I know of the local flora and fauna I believe it to be a hummingbird nest (its pretty tiny).   Yesterday on our walk, Fin declares:

"Oh! Mama look, that tree would be so cute for our bird!"
We just set up my parents old stereo system and were loading up the cd player (5 disc changer!  we're living now!).  Fin is going through the cds and comes up with these gems:
"Dave 'n Bowie is my fav-writ"
"Let's put these in, their my fav-writ bands, yeah I 'member when I went to see these bands"
Fin and I are walking to drop him off at preschool.  Its a really pretty spring day.  He sighs and grabs my hand
"Mama, its a great day."
Parker has started a new rebellion.  While we are so grateful that diaper changes are now relatively easy affairs, we now can not dress her without an all out brawl.  The only time she does not fight me is when she I put on a shirt that belonged to Fin as a baby.  Its red, with black argyle diamonds across the chest, with big skull and cross bones in each diamond.  The only "pants" she wants to wear are the plastic covered undies we used for Fin when he was potty training.  Its quite the outfit.  I've yet to get her to even try on the gold flats I just bought her, she preferring her vans instead.  She does acceroize though, usually with her pink cowboy hat, shell necklace and brother's Lightening McQueen slippers (see picture).  I had to force her into that shirt and skirt.  

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