Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wascally Wabbits

This was the first year both kids were old enough to really participate in the egg hunt, and boy did they.  I don't have a single picture of their faces, because they could not be bothered to look up for a millisecond, lest they lose sight of an egg.  Once they had filled their baskets, and Parker realized there were treats inside, she tore into them like she had just crawled through the desert for four days with only a water bottle.  Never mind she spent the entire morning with a Peep in one hand and broccoli in the other (only Parker would eat both with equal enthusiasm).  She had about twenty eggs in her basket, and every single one was opened with the same fervor as the last.  She'd break it open, grab what was inside, throw the egg behind her and raise the treat in the air in triumph, mouth agape, eyes wide "WWWOOOOWWW!!!"  And before you think she was excited about candy, my brilliant cousin (thats his cutie pie Gavin in the picture) had the foresight to fill the eggs with healthy fruit snacks and whole wheat cookies.  My youngest cousins (both in their teens) arrived after the first egg hunt, so we staged another one for them.  Fin helped us hide the eggs, and then heroically found them once the hunt was on.  "I found one Mama!!"  Never mind he hid it in his own shoe two minutes prior.  "Maaaayyybe there's one over here Mama?" eyes so wide and innocent as he pointed to the egg he hid in the water fountain.  "Maaayybe, Fin, maybe!"

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