Monday, February 23, 2009


Parker walks half way up the staircase and stops, hand on the rail, staring straight ahead. After about thirty seconds, I enquire,
"What are you doing Parker?"
she turns to me and says "I'm on the escawaiter (escalator)" and turns back to stare straight ahead.

I'm telling Fin about Aunt Mimi's new house.
"But why is Mimi and Willy moving?"
"Well, because they need more room, Lily needs room to play like you do"
"Oh," he nods knowingly, "'Cause Nanny won't scoot ober?"

We were watching the Oscars last night at my parent's house and John Legend is performing. My sister Sarah asks me, "What's his name again?"
Parker (who is sitting between us) says, "I don't know. He wooks wike Bawack Obama."

After dropping Fin off at school Parker says the longest sentence I've ever heard her say
"I'm getting bigger and bigger and I'm a go to school and get a new shirt and go to karate and say KEEEY-EYE! Yeah, wike Pippin."

Josh is carrying Parker upstairs, but he has her under her arms, with his arms completely straight out in front of him and she's facing away from him. She throws her arms back and says, "I'm a banoon (balloon)! I'm fwoating!"

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