Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Petite Picasso

A Collage (stickers and a figure)

A Snake and Two Bugs

At the risk of totally being that parent that thinks that every little thing their kid does is pure genius, I'm throwing this out there:  Parker is an artistic genius.  

Okay, so maybe she's not shattering any records or really doing anything WAY outside the norm for her age group, but check out these drawings.  Even when she was super tiny, she would sit forever just scribbling on paper.  It amazed me then, and amazes me still the amount of concentration and time she puts into her little art pieces.  I think I'm really amazed because Fin never wanted to color for more than oh, thirty seconds.  I'd have to cajole him into drawing with me, and then he'd scribble something real fast on the paper, and go OK! I'm done!  That was fun!  He did like painting, but more for the sheer fun of making a mess than to try to actually create something.  Which is totally fine.  He has started to draw figures and objects and he can write his name, so he's right on track, maybe even ahead of the game a bit.  But Parker, at two, is already drawing more complicated figures than Fin is doing now.  Even when we do stuff like make collages, she carefully places all her pictures just so, and if I give her some stickers and paper, you can bet those stickers will be very carefully placed neatly in a line.  One of her favorite things to do is sit backwards on the stairs, so her feet dangle (the backs of our stairs are open) so that one step is her seat, and the next one up is her desk, and she'll take a pad of paper and a pen and doodle for over an hour like that.  Sometimes she tells me she's "writing wetters" other times she's "drawring."  This is not the mad scribbling Fin would do at her age, its very precise and methodical.  She loves to draw with her Daddy, and just about made his week when, after seeing Josh draw a jellyfish, the next day she drew one, and told me, "see, wike daddy!"  Its a sweet bond they share, and Josh is already talking about how we're probably going to have to support her so that she can get her career as an artist going.  I think maybe we could wait to talk about that, oh I don't know, sixteen years from now.  

But should she become the next great American artist, just remember, you heard it here first.


Escher Dashiki said...

yes! more art, less wall st.!!!! also, the beach house kids are my ex's buddies and just about the nicest people around.


(i was also at an art show last night where nick zinner of yeah yeah yeah fame and james iha were present. new york is a lovely cesspool)

knuckleberry said...

Drop away! That album is my go to for naptime, I think its made me a better mama due to its soothing qualities (something I'm sure they never thought about whilst making said album). Be sure to give them my love and my four year olds' love