Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Griffin on his color preferences:
"I rrreeally don't like the color purple, except I DO."


Griffin is playing Scrabble with us. He puts down some tiles.
"What does that word say?"
"Umm it says kdkjg."
"Hey, about you do the word fire? You have the right letters for that."
"I was JUST about to SAY that!!"
this continues for the entire game...
"ugh! MAA-HAAMM, I was JUST about to SAY that!!"

*side note - Griffin can not read, nor can he spell, which makes his annoyance at my "help" that much funnier


Parker and I are walking back to the car from dropping off Fin at school when around the corner Clifford the Big Red Dog appears. Parker literally shrieks like those girls you see in Beatles footage, claps her hands together, laughs manically, throws her arms around my neck and declares, "I'm SO happy! ohhh I'm SO happy!! I WUV you! I'm so happy!"

So help us God should Mickey Mouse decide to visit. The girl might just pass out.


We had a play date at the Butterfly House. Our "date" ran a little behind, so we had to wait while she finished her lunch before we could go explore. Not willing to be rushed simply because Fin demanded her too, she was relishing every bite.
"Are you done now?"
Fin looks at her aunt.
"She can eat on the way." He says completely stone face.

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