Friday, May 29, 2009

Disneyland Mania

*not too happy about waiting for Parker to say hi to Winnie the Pooh

Of course ALL kids love Disneyland. And our family (extended family included) is all about Disneyland. But Griffin takes it to a whole new level. Not only does he love going, but when he's not there he's either a.) talking about it, b.) watching youtube videos of rides, c.) building his own mini magic kingdom in the living room, or d.) making new roller coasters on Rollercoaster Tycoon with Daddy.

This is a boy who for the past two weeks when I tucked him in wanted me to lay down with him and tell him all about the Matterhorn (one of the few rides he had not been on till yesterday). I told him about the monster.
"But what side is he on?"
"Umm, well it depends what side of the tunnel you go in I guess, there's two ways."
"Wow. But how many pounds does he weigh?"
"Umm I have no idea. He's really tall. So maybe like three hundred, four hundred pounds?"
"Oh my gosh. I just wish I could ride it."
"Well maybe next time we go."
"Like tomorrow?"

He finally rode it yesterday. The line was really fast, so we did one side of the tunnel, and then the other. He is in love. He rode it a third time later on and spent a good portion of the day asking, "But WHEN ARE WE GOING ON THE MATTERHORN AGAIN?" And when he wasn't begging to go on it again he was reliving every moment of it and coming up with additions that he would make, "It'd be weally cool if there was a tiger in it!"

This morning he made his most ambitious mini Disneyland to date. Behold:

*A view of the whole park

*Disneyland Train (or the "dinosaur train")

*Dinosaurs in the tunnel

*Ariel waiting for her train. Poles in back are "where the voices come out and tell you the train is there."

* I was given the task of making the Teacup ride.


*Splash Mountain (note the splashing noise he's making) The log is a ruler.

*Pirates of the Caribbean (waterfall is up behind us on the stairs, complete with a skull above the "entrance" to the waterfall)

*Ten points if you can guess this one. Thats a caterpillar on top and its "up high" on the coffee table.

The only contributions I made to this was to suggest the blanket over the sit'n'spin for Splash Mountain and the Teacup Ride. Everything else was his idea. I love the dinosaurs in the tunnel and the speakers at the loading dock for the train. And I think the last ride in the pictures is too funny. The whole time he was building he was singing "Zippity DO DAH! Zippity DE DAY!" over and over and over.

"But when are we going to Disneyland Mama?"
"We just went yesterday!"
"I know, but I just wuv it. Is it open tomorrow?"

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