Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I'm Back!

I have been remiss in my bloggin duties. But in my defense, my old camera pretty much bit the dust, and I've been waiting for its replacement so I could post brand new shiny new pics! And it came yesterday!! Behold the wonder that is my new camera.

*Doesn't it look jolly in this pic?

No, its not the most expensive, it doesn't have the most megapixels or gigaboo-bots or whatever, but my goodness does it beat the heck out of that 'ol chunk of wood I was using before! We went to visit Nana and Grandpa today and I got to put it to some tests. Well, only a few though. I still need to get a new memory card, since I think I'm going to be taking more than the ten pictures it currently holds. The kids and I had a grand 'ol time (apparently today is see how many times I can use the word 'ol in a paragraph day). We played a little at the park next to their house, which gets the loveliest of sea breezes (they are in HB).

Then it was back to Nana's for some sandwiches. She had lovingly cut out bread in the shapes of stars and hearts and the kids were delighted with them ("so cute!" declared Parker). They then promptly chose the rectangle pieces for their sandwiches. Apparently bread in the shape of stars is delightful! but uh, just give me my regular 'ol (oohh I'm up to three now!) sandwich, thank you very much. Grandpa suggested we take a walk on the pier so we piled in and set off. Parker wanted to hold Grandpa's hand which was so sweet and when Nana called her back when she set off running, she came barreling back, threw her arms around her legs and declared "I wuuvvv you!" Coming from the girl who usually spends her visits to Nana and Grandpa with her head burrowed under my arm it was especially sweet to see her so loving and finally enjoying herself.

*Parker refused to pose for a picture, preferring
instead to try to play with bird poop

Her exuberance was driving poor Fin crazy though, being the big protective brother that he is, she nearly gave him a heart attack when she stuck her foot over the water ("PARKER!!!! YOUR SHOES!!!! DOONNNN'TT!!"). But he enjoyed watching the surfers (even if he was annoyed that Parker would laugh gleefully whenever one would fall) and wants to go back so he can finish the space ship he started with the K'nex set left at Nana's house by my little cousins.

* She wanted Grandpa to sit down next to her on the sidewalk.

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