Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Fin: "I just want to be 29."
Me:"Daddy's that old. I'm not even 29 yet."
Fin: "Is that more than 100?"
Me:"No, its less."
Fin: "I want to be 100 then."
Me: "Well you'll have to take really good care of your body to live that long."
Fin: "Like what?"
Me: "Like eating lots of veggies and fruit and exercising and stuff like that."
Fin: "Well...I do walk a lot."

Parker comes and sits down at the top of the stairs, all dramatic sighs and sniffs (she should be sleeping). I relent and ask her what's wrong.
"Pippin just won't wet me read dis book to him! I just wanted to read dis to him"

I think all my DIY is rubbing off...
Fin:"Can people just live in houses right on the beach?"
Me: "Yeah, there are houses right on the beach. They cost a lot of money though"
Fin: "Well, we could just make one. Like out of sticks and stuff? Or maybe bricks? Is that a great idea?"

Parker hands me a pumpkin and says in a sing-song falsetto voice, "The princess is giving you a pumpkin!"
"Oh, thank you princess. What a nice pumpkin."
"Yes, she got it at the gas station for you!"

We're having lunch out when Fin nudges me and subtly points at the lanky man with salt and pepper hair eating at a table across from us.
"See the guy Mom?" he whispers, eyes wide with a huge grin.
I'm confused, "Yeah, why?"
"He's the guy! The one from the show? Who eats stuff?"
I stifle a giggle. "Oh yeah. Umm I don't think thats Anthony Bourdain, but he sure does look like him doesn't he?"

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