Thursday, November 26, 2009

Fin's Matterhorn Birthday Party

While I'm catching up on stuff, thought I'd finally post these pictures of Fin's birthday party. Fin is still obsessed with the Matterhorn and Disneyland, so he of course wanted to have a Matterhorn birthday party. He asked me the day after we had spent some time at a nearby park where the kids rode their skateboards down a big grassy hill. That sparked the idea to have our party at the same park and "bobsled" down the hill, and the idea just snowballed from there (pardon the pun). We made brautwurst and hot dogs (and sauerkraut! but I think I'm the only one who ate that) :) I made a desert table with cupcakes, white candies, "snow monster" peeps and rock candy (just like the crystals inside the Matterhorn!). We decked out our wagon to look like the bobsleds and hung snowflakes from the trees and canopies. And for the piece de resistance Josh designed a photo cut-out for everyone to take pictures in (Fin loved these at the county fair over the summer). I downloaded all the music and messages from the ride, including the famous "Remain seated please, permanecer sentados, por favor!" and played it at the top of the hill. For activities we just brought all our wagons, sleds and ride-on toys for all the kids to go down the hill on. The kids had a blast going down the hill. Nanny even joined in the fun. I was a little worried that all the kids would just want to go play at the play structure around the corner, but once we started "sledding" no one asked to go. They totally forgot about it. After cupcakes and presents we all had a "snowball" fight (wadded-up paper and foam balls). And that was it! We couldn't get the kids off the hill long enough to make the "grow snow" I got. I loved the simplicity of the whole thing and everyone had a blast, the birthday boy especially. Doing birthday parties like this does require a lot of planning and a lot of help from family and friends, but in the end I love doing it (and am blessed to have some great co-planners in my sister and mother-in-law!)

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