Thursday, November 26, 2009

Halloween (I know, I know, about a holiday season late)

So October was a little busy for us. Crazy busy actually. So busy that my house is still recovering as we near the end of November. So I'm going to try to cram in all our Halloween activities into one post. Better late than never, right? ;) In no particular order here's a few things to celebrate one of our favorite holidays:

Pumpkin City with Nanny! Pumpkin City is a pop-up pumpkin "patch" that turns up every year (Josh's first job was at Pumpkin City). There's a petting zoo, carnival games, rides and of course, pumpkins. The kids loved the rides and Parker just about died and went to heaven riding the ponies.

Josh and I attended a costume party at our neighbors. It was awesome to only have to take three steps to get back home. I couldn't stop leaping about and plie-ing all night.

One of our many Halloween projects, we made some pumpkins out of yarn. We also made ghosts out of napkins, and a ton of Halloween paintings.

We made gingerbread cookies at Nana and Grandpa's house. Instead of gingerbread men, we made "bonemen" and zombies. :)

Parker and Daddy did the the Daddy and Me pumpkin carving at her preschool. Everyone loved her pirate princess pumpkin that Daddy carved for her.

We also went to Auntie Sarah's annual pumpkin carving party at Gammie's house.

Parker and Gammie were ladybugs this year.

As was Tammie!

Fin's class also had a Halloween party. I wanted to help out and Fin's teacher said it was fine if Parker came, so she just made herself at home and participated in all the activities as if she was part of the class. Several of the parents thought she was part of the class till one got brave enough to ask how old she was! They paraded through all of the classrooms (his school goes up to eighth grade) and Parker did the whole thing (the parents did not go into the classes). She LOVES school.
Fin's whole class.
And finally, the main event! Trick or Treating! This year Fin was a discerning trick-or-treater, and would not knock on people's doors who did not have decorations up. "What about that house, their light is on?" "They don't eben have a pumpkin." he'd say witheringly.

Jessie and I whipped up Fin's costume from some cheap cargo pants and a woman's blouse from the thrift store. Jess sewed up the sides of the top so it'd fit better and then took the strings that formerly tied the arms and made the loops for the laces on top. He looked awesome. We made Parker's costume too, just sewed the felt wings onto a pink top, bought matching pants and crafted the headband. Both costumes together cost less than $15. LOVE handmade costumes!!

THE LOOT!! Supply is still going strong...

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