Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Parker opened up a coloring book to a picture of a roller coaster and gasped. "MAMA! I always wanted to dream about dis!"

Putting the kids down to nap, I suddenly got really dizzy and had to lay down (I think from a head cold I've had for a couple of weeks now). I told the kids I wasn't feeling well so I really needed them to stay in bed and take a nap. Fin asked to lay down with me and as we were laying there I could hear Parker scurrying around in her room. I kind of sighed and asked Fin, "Is that Sissy? Is she running around?" He answered, "I think it is. You stay here and sleep Mama, I'll go take care of it."

Parker is crouching down, snarling and growling. "Whoa, what are you Parker?" I ask.
She growls, "I'm a tiger! With eggs with raptors in 'em!"

I got Parker a dress at Target and wanted to paint a design on the front for her. "Do you want a bow or a flower maybe?" I asked her. "No. I want a pteranodon." I turn to Josh and say, "Only our three year old would say that. Does she even know what that is?" Parker runs to the next room and comes back with a dinosaur (a pteranodon to be exact). "Mama! Dis is a pteranodon. Its wike a pterodactyl."

From Wikipedia:
"While the generic term "pterodactyl" is often used to describe these creatures, the animal depicted is frequently a Pteranodon or some other specific species of pterosaur, or a fictionalized hybrid of several species. Many children's toys and cartoons feature "pterodactyls" with Pteranodon-like crests and long, Rhamphorhynchus-like tails and teeth, a combination that never existed in nature. However, at least one type of pterosaur did have at least the Pteranodon-like crest and teeth—for example, the Ludodactylus, a name that means "toy finger" for its resemblance to old, inaccurate children's toys."

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