Thursday, March 25, 2010


I tried to post about this prior to the main event, but eh. Didn't happen. Last week Parker had her Trike-a-Thon at school, an annual fundraiser her preschool does. This is our third year at Abiding Savior preschool and the trike-a-thon has become something Josh and I really looked forward to, mainly because it is sheer entertainment watching five preschoolers do laps under balloon arches. Half of them are too distracted by the balloons and onlookers and crash into each other at every turn. There's always one boy who takes it very. seriously. And beats everyone by ten laps. Then there's the handful that just don't quite have the hang of the whole biking thing, or pick the trike that's waaaay too big. Its the cutest thing ever. This year the school is trying to raise money for a large sun shade for their front play area, which lacks any shade or breezeway, which means once it starts really heating up, its not usable for very long. The front area is where their large play house and kitchen is, and also where they ride their trikes and learn important skills like hula hooping, hop scotch, and diplomacy. If you'd like to support Parker and her preschool, let me know! Tuesdays and Thursdays are Parker's absolute favorite day, because that's the day she gets to go to school. Everyday that is not those days is a disappointment to her. :)

Oh! And Parker completed six laps in her timeframe! :)

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