Friday, March 19, 2010

The Leprechauns Were Here

Parker, the octopus, making green pancakes.

*The leprechauns got us!

*Since they were naked for the real reaction shot, I told them to fake it.

I've never really thought of St.Patrick's Day as a holiday for kids. For me it just meant making sure you were wearing green so you didn't get pinched, and in later years it was a day to go to bar hopping for green beer and bad food. Beyond making sure they had green shirts, I didn't prepare anything for St.Patrick's Day. So when Fin came home absolutely gushing about how the leprechauns came to his classroom and messed everything up, and left gold coins for them and "I can't wait till we get home because I think the leprechauns came to our house too!!" I panicked a little. I mean, this kind of thing is right up my alley, why had no one informed me!? So I quickly called Josh and told him that he needed to come home with some sort of chocolate and we hatched a plan. In the meantime, I told the kids the leprechauns hadn't come because they hadn't cleaned up, and the leprechauns thought it was already messy, so why bother? *GENIUS!* I've never seen those kids clean up so fast in their lives. We had shamrock pancakes for lunch and waited. When Josh got home, he put them in the bath and I rushed around like a madwoman. Then I went upstairs and hung out for awhile. Josh was the first to discover that the leprechauns had visited and the kids rushed downstairs (both still naked and dripping wet). The leprechauns had stacked all our tables, turned our chair upside down, put up the rainbow and leprechauns we had painted, and sprinkled green Hershey's kisses all over. They were AMAZED and delighted and couldn't believe how fast those little leprechauns were. Parker kept exclaiming, "Its just so crazy!" A new tradition is born...

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Jessizie said...

LOL! that is amazing. you are the best mom evar